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Thread: Harkila, worth the money??

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    Harkila, worth the money??

    Looking through the Harkila price list i am beginning to doubt Harkilas pricing. £40 for a beanie and £60 for a skip cap is just plain robbery. Having been to a lot of fairs and shows it seems everyone and their auntie are selling it.. I see some shooters dressed head to toe in it right down to the socks and braces.
    I think the brand is so common now they can't charge what they do for exclusivity any more??

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    They can and will if it is continuing to sell. They will probably only reduce the prices is sales take a turn for the worse.
    im with you on the price for hats etc stupid money and I wouldn't waste that money on a hat when I can have a stalk for that price. I buy my clothing because it feels wright and is quality not because of the name that is placed on the front.

    I no you pay for what you get but that amount for a hat never can that be justified for quality.
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    I see Fjallraven are doing it now too. Their artic fox has gone from a square inch to the size of a fag packet and it looks naff...

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    All my Harkila kit is made in Estonia and China were labour costs are low, so as that saving gone back into the product or profit....? but it works as long as the gore tex lasts....! i'll thing i'll try Nomad next,
    And yet another 7mm-08 user...

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    Got the Pro Hunter trousers - they work, but were expensive. Others on the estate have the jackets - less so, especially in driving rain, where they seem to let in quite quickly. The acid test is - would I buy another pair. Possibly......

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    Without doubt it's quality kit. Is it perfect? No, but then again neither is anything else on the market and from my experience at least, it works in that it is breathable and as waterproof as any woven material can be given today's technology.

    But I have to agree with RED-DOT. The prices are way too much.

    At this end of the market, it's a bit like fashion clothes these days. Harkila make good stuff, people buy it, others follow, the price is high but you've got to look the part....and so on. Go back years and Barbour were the brand to be seen in. What next? Dolce & Gabbana shooting clobber?

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    Goretex onesies!! camo but a nice soft panty liner ,dont want to get chafed do we,

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    Quote Originally Posted by AN DU RU FOX View Post
    Goretex onesies!! camo but a nice soft panty liner ,dont want to get chafed do we,
    Yes please!!
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    I have Harkila jacket & trousers, both bought secondhand. I also have Deerhunter, again bought secondhand and they are good, just not AS good. I also have MTP, again secondhand, and they are perfect for summer stalks as there's nothing to them. All are appropriate to the weather forecast when I set out
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    Harkila design and build every garment for a function with the best materials available for the task and not to a price, like Audi, BMW, Range Rover etc.

    Check our blog on Wet Out, this might be of help. The team just might need to replace the water repellent coating on the garments Lochty, after a few years wear, the rub points, elbows shoulders etc the outer finish wears off and causes Wet out. A wash through with Nikwax Tech Wash restores it.
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