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Thread: Minox BV 8x42 compared to Vanguard 10x42 Spirit ED

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    Minox BV 8x42 compared to Vanguard 10x42 Spirit ED

    I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel here but, since the above two models usually come highly recommended for folks looking at performance for a budget, can anyone with experience of both offer some comparative commentary ?

    This comes on the back of a chat I had yesterday where I suggested the above to a mate of mine, having read about them often enough on here, at which point he asked about the pros and cons when compared to each other. That was the end of that conversation...

    Yes, I've tried the search function but it only seems to return recommendations for either product with no direct comparison notes.

    Anyone ?

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    Well, I feel strangely comforted to learn that you lot don't know the answer either

    I'll tell my mate to flip a coin.

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    I can only comment on minox but the only negative I found is they have a shallow depth of field so you have to use the focus wheel more than a higher price set of bins, that said I was happy to put up with that and when I drove over my minox I was coaxed into buying zeiss but found the zeiss to my eyes not as good as the minox.
    Minox seems to have a really nice sharpness to an image and also a really bright colour, zeiss seem flat in comparison I know it wasn't the bins you asked about but all i have to compare with,atb wayne
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    Fair comment - many thanks for the feedback - I will pass that along

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    on brand and glass alone I would go Minox
    on design i prefer the vanguard and had a pair of 8x42 that I picked up 2nd hand

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    Can't give a comparison as never seen the vanguard. I have the minox though and they are great for the money.

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    ive had both pairs in my hand at the same time both are very good but walked away with the minox's and im extremly happy with them

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