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Thread: Drontal Plus XL.

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    Drontal Plus XL.

    Can anyone recommend a supplier for a supply of these large breed wormers?

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    I get all my dogs wormers/frontlines etc from 'vet meds direct' if you order them over the phone you get a 5% discount if your with BASC. The delivery is quick and I'm sure they are in east lothian.


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    Contacted them, thanks.

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    Thank you Stacey; I didn't know about 'Vets Meds Direct' & they are under 5 miles from me!

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    Here is another I use

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    No problem they are really good to deal with, they sell collars (I can't remember the proper name for them) but they deter ticks a lot better than frontline etc.. I've used them on a few of my dogs and they are well worth the 18.00 barely a tick crawls on them let alone bites into the dog.

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