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    Hi guys, just a wee intro! Im a seasonal stalker/Ghillie on the west coast of scotland, i also shoot alot of deer every year for private forest owners. i use a tikka t3 270 which is a great rifle!i also have a black lab trained to indicate unshot deer and to follow up and dispatch wounded deer and bark. level 1 and starting level 2.

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    Ay up and welcome on board I use a tikka 270 and yp super tool for the job

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    Hi there. Welcome to this great site. Used to be the same as you on the west coast - ghillie and stalker and then forestry culling. Shame about the rifle...just kidding .

    Cheers, Craig

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    Cheers for the welcome guys. Great site with lots o like minded people. Mauser 66 where on the west coast did u stay? Are u still doing forestry culling? Im lking in 2 tht myself.

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