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Thread: cwd Northampton??

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    cwd Northampton??

    hi all

    i will be trying for a cwd this coming season but with my warehouse job i struggle to raise money for a paid stalk i really wanted to try for a bit of permission so i can stalk unpaid

    question is i know there in Milton and bedford in good numbers but wanted to know if they have reached Northampton as its not to far away i will try my best door knocking see what happens if not over to Milton it is

    many thanks andy

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    Yardley chase they are reported to be in low numbers and not being inc on cull list yet also deene park nr Corby your best bet is Milton Keynes which is where I get the odd visit to a friends farm ,sika Malc has cwd not far from there and he does paid stalks at reasonable rates .. Just save yr pennies a while .

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    I have seen Chinks in Northants some years back as I regularly used to stalk on Boughton estate near Kettering when Roy Green was the head keeper. Making my way across from Milton Keynes way I would often see them just inside the Northants border. Whether they have extended their range far into Northants I could not now comment on. They are slow at colonising areas, I believe their range spreads by about 2kilometers a year? But I stand to be corrected on that one.

    If I can help you with your quest for a CWD let me know. However I would add that the diary is filling quickly for the coming season, but by all means contact me and we can discuss.

    Good luck.
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    The cwds have been in the same area around the chase for thirty years I'm reliably informed and don't seem to make any headways much like the roe really although slowly we are seeing some at Boughton obviously these arnt touched we are also seeing a few more roe in the north of the county it is quite Suprising where they pop then seem to disappear and on ground they defiantly wouldn't be getting shot at .

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