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Thread: Merkel K4 Stutzen and others like it

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    Merkel K4 Stutzen and others like it

    I am going to start a new thread, but also pose ask in this long thread about the Single Shot Stalking Rifle, where it may be lost:

    Have any of you owned, used, or shot the single shot Stutzens like the Merkel break action with a full stock?
    Is it too short, or is it really handy?
    What cartridges have you used in these short rifles, on what, and what do you think of the results vs full sized rifles?

    I see some posts of a K95 Stutz in .243 and a .30-06 Stutz.
    And a .25-06... is it a Stutzen? Now much does it give up in a short barrel?

    The reason I ask is that a friend it going by the Steyr HQ in Alabama today. They are having a sale of inventory, about 30% off the Steyrs and Merkel shotguns and rifles. He is going to see what choices they have. One was a K3 Stutzen in 7mm-08 with Zeiss Terra for $2,895.00.

    ....up to $6,000 off factory demo guns and writer samples. Customers can stop by the new Steyr headquarters, or they can stop by many local Steyr dealers to take advantage of these great deals.

    For additional information, please call Steyr Arms directly at (205) 417-8644.
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    Yes had it three months now. Shot 6 deer with it. Mine is 30-06 which i think is enough for the recoil in such a light small gun. Where I have to walk one handed because I'm holding onto tree etc in very rough terrain, that very light weight makes it doable. Even if I had to fire one handed I could. Its nice, light and packs down. Everyone that has held and shot it loves it. I mean everyone. One of the best stalking rifles about as far as I'm concerned.

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    Beautiful carbine you have there!

    What loads do you use, and do you know what velocity you are getting?

    This sale ends today, and I think my friend is going to buy a 7mm-08 or .270.

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    Attachment 44737

    Currently its sighted in for 170gr T Mantel Geco Factory rounds. But it will shoot my reloads of 180gr Sierra Gamekings. Velocity should be around 2800fps or thereabouts. I haven't bothered chronographing out of the short barrel yet. My chrono is a magnetic one and it would be difficult to strap given the wood at the end of the barrel. I've shot at the range out to 300m which generally covers everything for woodland stalking. My mate has the K3 I think, but its not the stutzen, great rifle in 7x57R. He's shot a few deer when we've been out stalking. A little cheaper than the Blaser but great wood, great handling and the quick release mount system still pretty good.

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    Thanks for the feedback. That is a pretty hot load.
    Beautiful little rifle in you hand.

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    My friend got the Merkel K3 Stutzen in .270 with a Swaro Z3.
    We will let you know how it likes some loads we run through it, and what velocity we get from it.

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    I have a Mannlicher Stutzen in .308....although not single shot, I do relate to your comments about using a tree etc.
    I find the full length stock ideal for resting your hand on the side of a tree as a rest (a la`Shooting sticks) with your hand much further along the stock than is possible than with a normal rifle fore-end.

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    I have a Mannlicher cabine in .270 Winchester, and have owned older ones ( 1950, 1952, MCA) in .30-06, 6.5x54MS, and .243. What hoofpower2 says about resting it on a tree is tree - excellent from a high stand, especially the small ones or climbing stands used in the US.

    Also, it enables holding like a shotgun, hand out and pointing, for a quick getting on target. I know a fellow who uses an MCA carbine in .270 for still hunting. Most of his shots are 25 to 50 yards on deer that are moving or he just surprised, and he is deadly with it.

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    I have two, a 7mm-08 and its' .22RF little cousin for practice, and they do both have superb handling and pointability, which was one of my main reasons for choosing stutzens in the first place (the other being aesthetics). But as regards resting the tip of the stock for shooting, I wouldn't do that as it flexes and touches the barrel. I don't rest it any further than about half way, where the sling swivel is attached. After that it becomes noticeably thinner.

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    No, I don't rest the stock on anything hard, but as hoofpower2 says, hold the rifle further out and brace the back of my wrist against a tree trunk for a very steady offhand shot. My Mannlicher and full stock bolt action Mauser carbines have one piece stocks.

    How does that two piece stock on the Merkel work as for holding it ahead of the joint or behind the joint, up close to the magazine, on the checkering?

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