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Thread: one of those weekends

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    one of those weekends

    Was supposed to pick up a Blaser R93 at Gregors on Saturday, went fishing on the Spey instead.
    My good lady had been doing the spring cleaning thing and threw my FAC out......
    It has been kept in the same place for over 30 years and when I went for it. "You must have put it somewhere else" Is all I got.
    So obviously, no cert no gun.

    Out this morning and shot a doe that pulled 42lbs gralloched, head and feet off. (Jingsy thinks I feed the buggers up, but I dont, honest). Also saw a buck with one up and one down antler. Can't be sure, but I'm certain it was out of velvet. For north east Scotland that has got to be very very early.

    A friend was around this afternoon who told me of his pal that had smacked a deer on the road outside Inverurie (Again NE Scotland)
    made a mess of his car, so went back to see what he had hit and found the body.
    Took pictures of it and it turns out to be a buck Muntjac. Has anyone seen or heard of Muntjac this far north?
    Oh well Back to work tomorrow.

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    IS there any chance of some photo's being posted of the munty


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    If thatís a munty then it must the must northern one yet,
    Did you catch anything?, how is the spring going on the spey?.
    And the doe was a good weight,


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    I have requested any photos that may be available. I'd be intrested to see this beastie myself
    The fishing was ok. had three pulls that came to nothing. After the massive floods through the winter the river has changed so much.
    I was on beat 5 on the Brae water at Fochabers.
    Cracking day weather wise, wasn't shirt sleeves but it was nice enough to take the coat off for most of the day.
    Don't have any updates on the Spey, but the Dee is fishing its arse off, and I 've just heard of a big Springer off the Deveron.
    As for the big doe, she didn't look the biggest out of the group I was stalking. Got quite a shock when I saw her.

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    you are getting all mixed up there mate.
    The doe must have been 24lbs. All that fishing has made it bigger Next week it will be 48lbs

    Did I tell you I picked up a nice Blaser at Gregors on Sat. He said that some scally had let him down, so he knocked another 200 of for me

    Alan, what colour were the antlers? Could it be that they were never cast due to higher levels of testosterone?

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