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Thread: Defender forever?

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    Defender forever?

    My 2007 Defender passed its MOT without a hitch and i reckoned that the oil & filters were due a change. Off to my local Dingbro factors and got all the parts including front and rear brake pads. Done the oil and fuel filter change then took the wheels off only to discover the old pads were 75% after 28,000m/7 years. The fuel filter was choked solid with Bio Diesel sludge and the oil still was relatively clear. Everyone slags Defenders off but once you run one for a while you can't fault the running costs?

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    I love the defenders the only problem I find is their just that bit too narrow for me. Not enough elbow room for the right arm, gotta have window open which is ok till its raining.

    I still keep thinking about another one (had two in the past) but then I remember I'm 6'2" and never likely to be a racing snake.

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    I think there great, that's what i learnt to drive in (on the estate) although they didn't buy the best ones as they spent most of the time in the garage.
    I don't have the trouble with elbow room as I'm quite short Although I have torn several jackets etc.. on the handle to get the seat tipped forward.

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    I love them. Until very recently we had one which you started using the crank handle on the front. Often started first time (but then it was me doing the cranking and Grandad doing the skillful bit inside!). The only downside for stalking is how high the backseats are that they don't allow those sitting in the back to easily or clearly look out.

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    Must admit RD the Hilux I replaced the Defender with is a bit more comfortable to drive over a distance, has a bit more load space but off road the Defender is the best 4x4 by far.

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    I think most of the Land Rovers ever made are still on the road. However, they should make it home eventually if they have decent breakdown cover!

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    I have had everything on the farm over the years from series1l rovers toyota mitsu just about all makes i can think of.I bought them new and ran them for a planned 5 years by which time they had worked 7 days a week with a few different drivers.I keep a eye on my costs and l rover always came out on top,the toyotas were ok but when it came to the really hard work somethig like pulling a big tractor out a bog or if it was broken down in the middle of a wet field l rover did it the others could not.and after 5 years the others seemed to have panels ripped off creased or missing l rovers looked the same so for me = DEFENDER!!! KING O THE HILL

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    Saved a few lives all over the world and somewhere right now a Defender is rescuing someone. TG voted them the best car of all time.

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    If i didnt do as many miles i would have one in a heartbeat , even though i have ripped a few boilersuits on the door latch

    someday i will have one

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    .... and dogs' tails on the rear door??

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