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Thread: Jelen Deer Services - HAD Course

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    Jelen Deer Services - HAD Course

    Hi Everyone,

    We are pleased to inform you that we still have a small number of places on our upcoming Humane Animal Dispatch course for Saturday, 26th July

    The Jelen HAD course is a LANTRA approved training course, and covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of Humane Animal Dispatch.

    The theoretical element of the course discusses the real issues, the challenges and the legal constraints surrounding the role of the HAD Operator

    Candidates are encouraged to bring with them their own pistols/rifles & shotguns where we examine the pros and cons of using the various types of equipment, including practical examination of their suitability in the HAD scenario.

    For more information, contact Jelen Deer Services on 01264 811155, or email us on

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,


    Mike Allison
    Managing Director - Jelen Deer Services
    01264 811155

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    Sorry working

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    Jelen Deer Services
    – A Professional Skills Development Course

    Humane Animal Dispatch Course

    Section 1 – Introduction – This section sets the scene of both the typical and non-typical deer/vehicle collision.

    Section 2 - Deer vehicle collisions – Covering exactly what a DVC is, what you might be expected to deal with, and the various scenarios that make the role of Humane Animal Dispatch Operator (HADO) unpredictable, and how they may approach each scenario.

    Section 3 - The effects of seasons and times of day – There are certain times of the year, and indeed times of the day that the HADO can expect more demand for the work to be carried out. We look at the influences that dictate a rise or fall in deer activity.

    Section 4 - Constabulary involvement – studies the procedures leading to Police involvement, and what they expect from the HADO, as well as who is responsible for what. This section would cover:
    a. Nominated individuals
    b. Approved list of Humane Animal Dispatch operatives
    c. Experience, qualifications and training
    d. Firearms/dispatching instruments
    e. Availability
    f. Insurance
    g. Reliability
    h. Motivation

    Section 5 - Dealing with an incident - This section sets out a operation plan that would ensure that HADO’s work safely in the interests of public safety and animal welfare.

    Section 6 - HAD procedure at DVC – The actual working processes are discussed and examined leading to HADO’s complete understanding of how to deal with the humane destruction of the animal, whilst ensuring that negative public perception is minimised or eliminated.

    Section 7 - List of equipment - Covers the equipment that the HADO must, should and could carry with him/her to ensure an efficient job is effected.

    Section 8 - Placement of shot - This will depend on the weapon/instrument used. We look at the pros and cons of weapons that should be used, or could be used, examining the physiology of projectile behaviour, possible animal responses, and the resultant wound channels created by a variety of weapons/instruments.

    Section 9 - Disposal of carcase – The law is quite specific on the disposal of dead animals. We look at the acceptable methods of covering this aspect, including individual responsibilities.

    Section 10 - Legislation applicable to DVC – This section looks at the HADO’s responsibilities in law regarding animal dispatch and the associated firearms legislation/licensing and conditions attached.

    Section 11 - Maintaining records – Maintenance of records is important for research, statistical analysis, and for personal accountability. We look at the records that the HADO must, should and could keep to cover any future fallout or eventuality.

    Section 12 – Practical demonstrations – We show the effects of various weapons/instruments used in Humane Animal Dispatch, and show both their short to medium range effects.

    Section 13 – Examination – We set a multi-choice examination to verify learning achievement for all candidates. A certificate will be granted to all those successfully completing the course, and the multi-choice examination.

    The course cost of 69.99 is inclusive of: Training Manual, Instructional Handouts etc. LANTRA certification is an extra 35.00 making the entire certificated course 104.99.

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