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Thread: 1st Shoot - Howa .243 - IT SHOOTS!

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    1st Shoot - Howa .243 - IT SHOOTS!

    New out of the box .243 Howa Varmint 20" (no mod) 1:12 twist in Hogue stock with Meopta 7x50 (fixed) 'deer' hunting scope, bore sighted.
    threaded 5/8 UNF 418 Sportsman, Racknel Rail 48 ebay. Meopta scope used 100 ebay local p/u, crappy pouch 9 delivered (with diy hard foam comb extender underneath) Aliexpress China, Nikko Sterling (crappy Warne ripoffs) rings 12 delivered ebay free Hard Case.
    Total: 587

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Break in Goal: 'shoot in' the barrel with 20 rounds, see how it groups.
    Result: 7 shots out of an already warm barrel under 3/4" with PPU's
    .............and 1 extended hole from a coolish barrel with Sako ammo.

    20 x PPU 90gr SP & 3 x Sako 100gr SP
    Shooting 'perched up prone' off a Harris bipod set at 20" leg length over 14"+ grass (apart from 3 with sling where noted). I put a lot of forward pressure (not easy with a Harris) on the bipod to bend the 'super bendy' Hogue stock 'away' from the barrel preventing stock/barrel contact on recoil....well that's my theory....and this is how it did

    A. 3 fouling shots = clean, shoot 1, clean, shoot 2, clean, shoot 3, clean.
    B. 4 x sighting shots, clean. (Yes I went twice as far as I had intended as the clicks are more on this scope than my other, Do'h)
    C. 3 shot group zeroed.
    (Target 1 was bent when I shot it - targets didn't stick to damp wood)
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    D. 3 shot grp SAKO 100gr SP same zero 2 1/2" high!
    E. 3 shot grp PPU off sling prone (14" high grass - hitting grass, right hand shot destabalised and keyholed), clean.
    F. 7 shot grp to finish PPUs, (back on bipod) starting with very warm barrel hot by the end.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Happy Bunny :-)
    Anybody got a very cheep/free (end of life?) Moderator to fit this?
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    Howa's are junk.

    I'll give you 60 for it...

    My buddy has a stainless laminate in 243, did exactly the same thing from the box. It is the easiest rifle to load for I have seen.

    It is just too long and heavy, yours looks about right.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    They have these in my local gunsmith in Helston. Looked at 'em and they feel nice. Especially compared to the savage axis in there!
    If I hadn't decided on my stalking rifle it'd definitely be up there. Cracking rifles for the money. Good shout mate.

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    hi very good gun .there american wallnut sporter stock is a nice adon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Claret_Dabbler;821014[/COLOR
    It is just too long and heavy, yours looks about right.

    20" helps, flutted would have helped more ....... yes it is heavy. I'll have to develop that left 'baby arm' bicept I had when I had little'uns. The ability to hold a medium weight for extended periods of time in the left arm without wobbling or dropping it

    My initial desire was for the heavy Fluted in .308 20" which would have been in my eyes the perfect compromise between weight and the extra fire rate/accuracy/robustnessof a heavy barrel, but this deal was 180 less than I could have got the same version in sporter barrel and about the same amount less than just the barrelled action by itself in the heavy fluted elsewhere so I compromised.

    I intend to reload so between my Parker Hale Midland, in .308 which makes a good short range stalking rifle with low mag fixed sight for daytime use to up to say 150 and this Howa for long distance fox vehicle and night ... and also to show the old buggers down the range I can actually shoot ;-)

    Brian ... you are saying all the right things about reloading and this rifle ... next project, role my own.
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    So let me get this straight. You have a rifle that shoots like this one does and you want to risk that by putting a moderator on it?? I wouldn't mess with that rifle in the slightest. Nice shooter! My local Trading Post got in one of the new generation Howa 308's that has the Hogue stock, a chubby 20" tube, and their new trigger. If I didn't already have a boat load of 308's I'd pick up that rifle. I know it will shoot.~Muir

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