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Thread: Not A Pigeon Pair

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    Not A Pigeon Pair

    Yesterday my local Farmer Rang to let me Know he had just Whole cropped his 2 Fields of Wheat so up early this morning for a spot of Pigeon Decoying, i got to the first Field just as it was getting light few birds about but not to many so off to the Larger of the 2 Fields this one is about 25 Acres.I got inside the gateway and scanned the Field with the Bins but it was a Bit misty after the last nights Thunder Storms, i drove down under the hedge to where i could see all of the Field there were a few more Pigeons in this one. i was making my mind up to where the best spot would be to set up when i caught sight of a Deer right out the other end of the Field i ranged it at 589 yards to far to tell if it was a Buck or not, i got out of the Truck and went to the back to get my 243 i took my Rifle as i thought early morning fresh cut stubble could be the chance of a Fox, i pulled the bipod down and walked to the front of my Truck but looking through the Bins the Deer was nowhere to be seen, i think it went through a gap in the hedge by the side of a big old Oak Tree and into the Neighbours standing Corn, i though oh well lets get on with the Decoying then i remembered i had my Buttalo in the glove box so for the hell of it i gave a few squeaks then a few more and a few more to my surprise the Deer appeared through the gap and stood looking my way. i slowly got down behind 2/3 rows of standing Corn which the Harvester had missed or could'nt get to, i layed Prone and gave another Squeak this time the Deer came right into the Field and once more i could make out it to be a good young Buck, a couple more squeaks and he came full pelt towards me but i noticed on behind him was another dark shape, i was puzzled as the Buck came closer so did it's follower i to a close look a the Buck now some 300 yards away and i thought i was looking at an Antlered Doe with a this years kid running on behind, as it got closer i was sure it was a Buck then i made out what the Animal running about 40 yards behind the Deer it was a Fox it must have been coming to the Buttalo squeaks, by this time my Buck was 150 yards away but face on he turned to my left and started a slow but meaningful stomp towards me, he was 127 yards from me but not a good angle for a chest shot the shot was safe so i went for the neck and he dropped to the ground, then to my amazement as the Buck was twitching and kicking on the ground Charlie made a Bee line straight towards it i chambered a round shouted and dropped The Fox 22 feet behind the Grassed Buck.Never ever would of thought that could happen, it was a oldish Dog Fox aswell not and inexperienced Cub !! I Gralloched the Deer cleaned up and shot a few Pigeons and crows and after 3 hours another Buck came through the same gap, i did get to my Truck and Rifle but no way was he going to come to the Buttalo after 2/4 squeaks he was gone back the way he came.

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    nice write up, well done

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    Thank God you didnt gralloch Charly....
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    Good write up and nice pair


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    That's certainly one to remember! A good write up, and good shooting too: thanks for sharing.
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