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Thread: Photon on cz

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    Photon on cz

    0r8 lads just wondering if the photon with mount straight onto a cz 17 or do you need the adjustable mounts for it cheers in advance walshy

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    I've got one with a doubler fitted on a 455 TH Varmint in 22LR, with Sportsmatch medium mounts it is about 1mm off the barrel, with high mounts it is well clear but a bit to high for my eye relief.

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    I fitted a two part Weaver rail to the 11mm dovetail milled into the top of the receiver on my 452. Not had any problems so far, as there's no recoil from the .17 hmr round.

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    Cheers for reply just 1 off lads thought he had use adjustable mounts because it wouldn't zero atb walshy

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    Mine is at the limit of it's adjustment to get it zeroed, so a set of adjustable mounts might be the answer, I'd not come across them before but I'll take a look cheers

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    Mine is sat in adjustable mounts then you get the full image. On my Rapid but soon for sale now for sale lol
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