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Thread: land prices

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    land prices

    hiya guys just a quick question. what would be a fair price for stalking rights over a piece of land 600 acres shooting roe with the allowance of about 10 per season?

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    leace price

    to me id pay £1 to £1.50 and no more but it seems loke money talks in this game now, and some one would prob pay two or three times that, so its up to you what do you think its worth to you? but have a think about it first.

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    Even a £1 an acre sounds alot to me if you can only take 10 roe off of it,what about cutting them in on half the carcasses,what type of ground is it woodland,farm and if you take 10 off of it will you have anything left for next year.

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    We looked at a small forest in Scotland of 250 hectares they wanted £1250 with a cull of 10 deer we walked away

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    land prices

    it seems that the prices are rising and people are pricing on the number of cull animals it looks like the price is working out at just over a £100 per cull animal atb tom

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    Its like anything there will always be examples of less and more...

    Ground is not always easy to find even if you are prepared to pay...

    Firstly is it what you want?

    Is it sustainable can you take 10 as part of the management and continue to do so?

    Do you desperately want your own ground to manage?

    Is it going to possibly open doors to more stalking?

    If yes to these questions then i would say £600 - £900 (£1 - £1.50 per acre is fair) with you keeping the venison for either yourself, friends or game dealer...

    I think when talking prices you also need to assess what the landowner wants... If he just wants money then its difficult as he will be hard to push a good price with...

    However if he wants a well managed population of deer that are currently causing damage and you can convince him the reason you want the lease is to manage the deer properly and not just shoot what you see then you are also benefitting him as well as getting some money to him so then you should push for a better price...

    Just the way i see it...



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    I suppose everybody is different, but I wouldn't pay that for 10 animals! If it is only 10 animals, then you are doing them a favour.

    Is this a FC piece of land? As mentioned in previous threads, they knock the hell out of it and can stick in contractors. If they do that, depending on the productivity of the ground or the topography, they will pay said contractor up to £140 per animal shot.

    Then they offer it out to recreational stalkers and get them to pay up to £90 per animal if it is £1.50 per acre.

    Also, how far are people travelling to their ground. This will add additional costs etc.

    What makes me laugh is the guys that fork out about a grand each and live so far away from the ground that they rarely get onto it. The only option for the FC is to put in their own guys and cull the deer for syndicate.

    I know I went off topic there a bit, but there have been a couple of threads recently where people are willing to get themselves fleeced and up the market price on everyone else.

    Each to their own.

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    I have not long lost out on a bid for a piece of ground almost the same size and cull figure as the one you describe…………………………………………………………now sit down went for nearly £7.50 a arce.

    The prices are getting out of hand IMO.



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    Some random thoughts on top of the other comments above:

    1. Has the ground been managed for deer in the past?
    2. If yes, how many deer were taken off the ground in the last year/2 years/5 years?
    3. What is the mix between arable/woodland/moor etc?
    4. The cull is for roe, but what other species are evident now/likely to appear?
    5. Do you have the stalking and shooting rights, or just the stalking?
    6. If the shooting rights are separate, is there an established shoot on the ground?
    7. If there is, what restrictions are likely on your stalking? Is there a keeper?
    8. Can you take clients?
    9. What happens to the carcases? Are they yours, do they stay with the estate or is there some other deal?
    10. How far away is it?
    11. If a long way from where you live, is there accomodation on site or nearby?
    12. If the land has been shot in the past, what calibre has it been cleared for?
    13. Who owns the land surrounding your ground and what deer management policy do they follow? How many deer do they shoot per year?
    14. Is there a local Deer Management Group? If so, does your ground form part of it?
    15. How many (if any) footpaths/bridleways/roads cross the ground? How heavily are they used?
    16. What houses/buildings exist on the ground?
    17. What is the terrain? If it's hilly/flat, what restrictions (if any) is this likely to place on the ability to take a safe shot? If it's hilly, how fit are you?
    18. Are there any highseats on the ground? If not, are there any possible sites to install them? Are there any restrictions on using highseats?

    As I mention, just some random thoughts. I do remember hearing Dominic Griffith mention that, if professional deer stalking is your full time job, you can't afford to pay more than 50p per acre and still make a living (but that was a good few years ago now )

    All the best


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    right its a pheasant syndicate that i help out on every saturday and basically iv been give the opportunity of the stalking rights for me and a mate who is a experienced stalker. there is quite a few roe about but a proper management survey has not been done yet so the 10 was just a rough Figure. the syndicate has asked for £100 per beast but as roe are only fetching £40 at the game dealers this seemed a bit steep to me what do you guys recon im not desperate for this land but hav just been given the offer.

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