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Thread: Anshutz 1517 8 or10 shot mag

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    Anshutz 1517 8 or10 shot mag

    looking for a mag for 17 hmr for my lad
    anybody out there not using one they would sell
    or no of any shops stocking one
    please get in touch
    many thanks pete

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    all i found so far are four shot ones ,not cheap either i will keep looking so far all ive found out anshutz dont do an eight or ten for the hmr, at this moment in time,
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    Keep looking and let me know if you find anything ?
    i was told that ruag import them and have one on order
    but that was a good three months ago
    nothing at the game fair today that I could find
    regards pete

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    i have three or four annie 10shots but only 22s my 17s a cz just looked at ruag site no mention on there,
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    Quote Originally Posted by louis682 View Post
    Anschutz .17 HMR Magazine

    I have two of these which I find ok.
    many thanks for for the link will give that a go
    regards pete

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    I too have one of these eight shot mags, shot a few thousand rounds through mine without a single misfeed.

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    Yeah those 8 shot mags are tops! Company is a pain tho, I paid, and nothing arrived. Rang them and was told the guy wasn't about and would call back, no call, rang again and same thing, emailed him asking for either the mag ASAP or a refund and it turned up 2 days later. All I'd say is order one, hassle them but in reality be patient!

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