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    hi all anybody got any ideas about a good value way of setting up a cold room there 3 of going to share it so would need to be able to hold a few.have plenty of old outhouses and am reasonable with the diy

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    Welcome to THE site, you may feel you could use the intro facility Steve.

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    Here in Germany its a problem with groups of hunters as to who pays for the elecricity at the property where its based.


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    How many deer per session? what type of deer? What is your location? We do a large freezer and waiting final confirmation but we are increasing door width without altering price. To convert an outbuilding into a commercial freezer can be quoted for.

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    Mistral PM me with your phone no I'l walk you through it.

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    yea mayb about 15 deer a season but the prob iswe always seem to end up getting deer the same few days so need to hold a few

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