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Thread: Sako 85 308 Winchester wood blued

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    Sako 85 308 Winchester wood blued

    Selling my sako 308 wood blued.. Only a months or so old.. Looking to buy a lighter recoiling rifle hench the sale. Some light marks on the wood but nothing major and a few costmetic marks on the barrel from shooting stick! Again nothing major just light mark.

    14 x 1 thread

    paid 1370 for the rifle.

    Looking for 1100 Ono..

    Please note only the rifle is for sale
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    Put a mod, a bipod and some lead on the stock and save yourself some hassle? Regards JCS

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    Tbh mate the recoil isn't really the reason for the sell.. Just want something more flatter shooting.. Cheers for your input though lol

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    try a 6.5x55 just as much knock down power .308 shoots flat with 120gr and smooth recoil.
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    Quote Originally Posted by supersport View Post
    try a 6.5x55 just as much knock down power .308 shoots flat with 120gr and smooth recoil.
    yep agree 100% I have the 6.5 and .308 in the same sako 85. Both cracking rifles but i do keep coming back to the 6.5. Shooting. 120 g and 156 g. Its a lovely round, but the 308 is the same. Its what you prefer yourself

    both are lovely calibres



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    Rifle still for sell 1000

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    What about lighter faster flatter bullets and the moderator to calm the recoil?
    Thats less hassle than getting a variation.
    Nothhing against .308 as I have one,also 6.5x55.
    The mod will be cheaper than losing the money on the rifle you have.

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