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Thread: storing firearms in attic loft

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    storing firearms in attic loft

    A quick poll for those of you who store their firearms in the attic

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    no as its too hard for me to get into when needed i need the ladder so its a pain and also mines split between three safes,
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    Sounds like a crazy place to store them, rust or no rust. Almost as daft as the bedroom.
    I can just imagine what my missus would say if I came galloping into the house in wellies and oilskins and ran up the stairs every time I needed a gun in a hurry (e.g., fox in the hen run / lambing field etc, or someone's dog in with the sheep).
    Need to be readily accessible with the minimum removal of outdoor clothing.

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    i can't vote as i used to have mine in the loft in my old house but i did have a heater in the cabinet.

    in the new house they have a room to themselves.


    oops and no heater needed.
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    and i dont fancy running around my attic without clothes on ,its dusty i might get some in my EYE sorry ive done it again, im off,

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    Under my snake viv in the lounge....

    Just incase my kebab is delivered with no chilli sauce...
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Not sure what the poll is about. Rusty guns or where you store them?
    I have stored them in an attic in a previous house with no rust issues and where they are stored currently did give me trouble with damp before heating and ventilating the cabinet.

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    Depends entirely on Roof construction, ventilation and insulation surely? I once made a reloading room in the roof of a modern end of terrace 2 bed house. The variation in temperature from boiling in the summer to freezing in the winter would not have done firearms and their wooden stocks any good. I wasn't sure about my powder and primers so ended up storing elsewhere.

    From my experience it is the variations in temperature combined with more than 60% humidity that starts to cause problems if not with rust then certainly with wooden stocks and mould. Much better to store inside centrally heated rooms rather than in an uninsulated loft.

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    Have done and i get zero rust as mine is insulated and i use heaters/vented in my safe's

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    I have mine in the cellar, no rust at all, so i see no reason for not being safe in the attic...

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