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Thread: deer stalking certificate

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    deer stalking certificate

    Hello everyone, i am currently completing my dsc level 1. I wonder if anyone else out there is also doing this??


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    Already done it, you will learn a lot.

    welcome BTW

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    I have been studying now for a few months with the cd rom and the manuals, so if anyone knows of someone that just does the test part let me know.
    Im in south wales so the nearer the better...eddie

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    Hello Apollo,

    I attended the assessment days only at the end of a course that the BDS was running in Comrie and did not feel that I was disadvantaged in any way from not attending the full course. I attended the BDS assessment day as the BASC assessment day that I was originally going to attend had been cancelled due to lack of interest. Whilst this was back in 2003. I am sure that this situation still exists as I have heard a few stalkers stating that they were going to the next assessments available. I do not actually know any person that has felt the need to attend any of the full courses available. I feel sure that a phone call to either BDS or to your regional BASC office will give you a choice of assessment days available. Furthermore if there are enough people interested BASC have in the past carried out additional assessments, perhaps a word with the local RFD might reveal enough bodies interested to arrange this.

    I know that some feel that the DSC is pandering to bureaucracy but the best of luck.


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    Thank you sir, im a member of BASC so i will check with them, i think it is common place to just do the assesment these days its a matter of finding one near and an available date....... thanks again eddie

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    Nice to see you lads getting on with learning and the DSC will help a lot . Just a thought are the ones that hold forrestry lease places getting on with there level 2 . I was informed by a chap yesterday that all members would need it by JAN 2008 . I would like to know if this is official or just speculation.

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    Personaly i dont shoot on any ground that says i have to have it so mine is just for knowledge and the future, we did inquire a while back about some private woodland and were asked if we had both one and two, so its creeping in everywhere...

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    [6.5x55]I was informed by a chap yesterday that all members would need it by JAN 2008 . I would like to know if this is official or just speculation.

    It's happening, a friend of mine who has a lease with the Forestory commision has been told that he must have level 2 in order to stalk on commision land. [/quote]

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    I can also confirm the FC will require the level2 Qualification by the end of 2008 just as I posted elsewhere earlier in the year. I learned this from the FC at the tail end of last year. I dont know how firmly they will enforce this rule but they have definitley made the requirment clear.


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    Sorry a correction to that last post, by the begining of 2008. I should really start to read my posts before I submit them.


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