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Thread: 1000 posts!

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    1000 posts!

    Hello all,

    This is my 1000th post! Blimey do I get a telegram from HRH Rob Mac or something?

    It just shows how addictive this site can be. Its done alot for me, before I joined to site I had only shot Roe now I have shot three of the six species. I'm stalking the other three this year and I'm going out after Boar next week! Thanks for all the good advice and stalking I have recieved over the months. I look forward to getting the beers in at Quex Park!

    Thank you all!

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    Thanks for your contributions. Never a dull moment since you joined!


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    i think where you are concerned, there are actually 7 species of quarry!

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    Ive just discovered a new medical condition! "Literary flatulence" I met this guy who has it REAL bad!
    Jest mucking about, well done China, your two fingers must be stumps by now

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    Dont think the other species was Trolls (although I suppose you can count them). I thought it would be BEAVER!!! Now a gold medal one would look great mounted in your trophy room Mr B.

    Stone has lots of mounted stuff in his home I believe. Mind you he is in for a suprise when he visits the Museum.


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    well done B
    no wonder you got through so many computers in the last month
    can't wait to see the type of animals sikamalc has stuffed in the museum been looking round for a big doggy bag ,incase i get to bring some home sure no one will notice :

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    Well done ya Brummy.hahahaha Hehe, I love winding you up with that as you will have noticed.

    I think there is actually a piece about you on the 10 o`clock news tonight.

    Hello I`m Trevor Mcdonald and welcome to the news at ten, Tonight.

    BONG!! suicide bombers kill 6 in Afghanistan.
    BONG!! Petrol prices go through the roof.
    BONG!!, And, Beowulf does his 1000th post on the stalking directory.

    What a guy.


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    You forgot the last Bong!!! Wadders.

    Bong!!! Pc world shares rocket on the market as Mr B purchases another PC, to sustain his love of the Stalking Directory.

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    I'm sure I remember a lot of mounted beaver during my time at the coast, but promise me we will not start the beaver thing again. Mr B will be at 2000 in no time at all if we do!


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