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Thread: 30mm Warne QD high for medium or low

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    30mm Warne QD high for medium or low

    I have set of Warne 30mm high QD mounts that I wish to swap for Medium or Low Warne QD mounts.

    Please PM, thanks

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    Anyone got a set of Warne QD 30mm mounts in medium or low that they are no using?.

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    Tam - I'm sure I have a pair of weaver mount 30mm low I've not used in my spares. I'll check. I'm not in need of any highs though.
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    thank you for the reply, please PM what you would like for the Low mounts I'm sure I will take them.

    thanks very much.


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    Still have a set of High 30mm Warne QD mounts I'm looking to swap for a LOW set

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    I could be interested in buy the high Warne mounts. If you want to sell them can you measure the height from where the top of the picatinny to the bottom of the scope.

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    13mm or .5 ininch PM if you want to buy them.

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    All sorted now thanks.

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