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Thread: .22 Marlin PSS70 (Papoose)Take down rifle

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    .22 Marlin PSS70 (Papoose)Take down rifle

    Took my wife out to lunch the other day and we just happened to pass Mcavoy's Gunshop. As I needed some .223 brass, I thought we would have a look around, Big mistake!! My wife knows full that when I get into a gun shop, I tend to spend more money on items I really need. With a warning from my wife, not to spend any more money than I need,ringing in my ears. I made for the rifle section. Some nice rifles. One of which was a Marlin stainless steel .22rf semi auto take down rifle with a seven shot mag (The Papoose) Talk about Lightweight, It only weighed three and a quarter pounds, it came with buckhorn rear sights and Had a scope rail. What a cracking little Rabbit/plinking rifle! But I am more that happy with my CZ 452 so put it down. Now comes the problem!!! On seeing the rifle, my wife, who already has a Browning .22rf buckmark rifle Picks up the rifle and says that she likes it and will have it. Now I tried to explain that she did not need another rifle, to which she Answered "but you have five". Knowing when I am beaten, I put down a deposit on the Papoose rifle, subject to a variation. This now puts buying a .243 (of which she is unaware) back another eight or ten months. MORAL: never, never take your wife to the gun shop. God, life can be a bitch.

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    count yourself lucky to have a wife with some understanding and appreciation of your hobby. Many on here are not so fortunate!

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    The Buckmark is 10 times the rifle of that Papoose.~Muir

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    Does any one have a stainless Marlin XT 22 TSR?
    how does it shoot?

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