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Thread: This seasons stag outings

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    This seasons stag outings

    Bit of a lazy post guys but to save me sending out 20 something private messages can anyone stalking stags this season
    with me please get in touch about deposits or payments
    Also been trying to contact Deapocean abt the two days he provisionally booked but no replies , can anyone let him know??

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    just left him a message col

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    Give you a bell tomorrow Colin!


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    No worries Andy , as long as you can let me know you and Fletch are still ok for the arranged dates

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    Yes Col, two days back to back for both of us, 9th and 10th Oct!!! Booked in at Clachan for the 8th and 9th, no room on Friday night so will go to Mabie, looking forward to it, I'm up round Dumfries working first half of this week, I'll be up the towers avoiding the midges!!!!

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    Very much looking forward to coming up. Booked in at the Mabie.

    i'll be in touch regards payment directly.


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    Colin PM'd you, I seem to have lost your mobile number...

    All the best.


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    Quote Originally Posted by White Hart View Post
    Colin PM'd you, I seem to have lost your mobile number...

    All the best.

    WH il be in touch asap

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