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Thread: Name the pup

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    Now then!
    I have ordered a Bavarian Mountain Hound bitch pup from John Clem on this site.
    I have a few ideas for names but I thought you guys, girls and kids could come up with some interesting suggestions.
    I fancy some thing Germanic or similar (Heidi being the most popular within the family at the moment) but please consider that it is a bitch and I need to be able to shout it across the fields!!!
    So get the kids to put their thinking caps on and come up with some great suggestions.
    My partner has called her springer Nel so anything is possible!!!
    Thanks in anticipation for your help.

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    I'll get this started. Brynhildr (Brun-hill-der) or Hildy for short.

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    Interesting. I like your thinking.

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    Another great one. I don't know why I couldn't think of these???

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    Brilliant. Keep them coming. I will do a résumé when we have a few more in a week or so.
    Lets get some of your kids naming them and I am sure I can find a prize for the best from the under sixteens.

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    Clem en tine! Connection to the breeder and the quarry

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    Caluna as in latin for heather , she looks like she gonna be a jeather jumper or Bracken, my boys thinks she looks cute and soft and you should call her safty,

    I also have from them the following ,

    Aidel, Adeline , Hedwig or Heddy, Fritzi ,Geeta or Gitta
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