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Thread: RSM Titanium Moderator

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    RSM Titanium Moderator

    I've recently bought a RSM Titanium moderator for my Tikka T3 .300Wm.
    It has a 'pepperpot' style integrated muzzle brake, which can be unscrewed and changed for a different size that is calibre specific for the rifle up to .30 cal.
    I used it on my rifle at Kingsbury 600 yd range this week and bullseyed the target, what a difference it makes. There is very little noise, more of a gaseous 'whoosh' than a loud bang, obviously the supersonic 'crack' of the bullet is still heard, there is much less felt recoil and muzzle flip. Far more pleasant to shoot with than the anti social muzzle breaks that some of the other shooters were using.
    The RSM was made to order and is 145mm long, 45mm in diameter and only weighs 360gr or 12.7 oz in old money and at only 375, is almost half the price of another Uk manufactured Titanium mod and about the same cost as an Ase Utra.
    In theory I could just buy extra pepperpots to suit each thread and calibre of my other rifles and it will work on them all.
    Money well spent.

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    Do they have a website?
    Mauser M03 Extreme .308 / Ruger 22 250

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    I'm glad to see that these mods are making it to the market. They are truly great value for a premium product and once you buy you will never have to reinvest unless you change to a rifle with a different thread, even then you just need a new pepper pot muzzle break. They are made by an experienced engineering company run by a passionate stalker who knows what the hunting man needs but without the drain on the wallet. The mods are not yet listed on their website but I believe that will change in the coming months. They are also available in Ireland through a RFD in Celbridge.
    New titanium moderator with integrated muzzle brake

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