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Thread: Military v's factory ammo

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    Military v's factory ammo

    Hi there I have been shooting military ammo through my rifle but I'm wanting to reload now 243 but the question is can I use the military casings is the 5.56 the same as 243 cheers jon

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    Jon I fear you are in danger of making a muck of things, 5.56 nato & .223 Remington are slightly different to each other , but can be used in the correct order, but I'm afraid .243 Winchester is nothing like usable as you worded your post.

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    Stupid me

    Sorry what I was trying to say in not so many words was could I use 5.56mm casings to reload my 243 rounds into cheers

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    As I read it, you are wanting to load .243 bullets into .223 cases?

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    Re: Stupid me

    Quote Originally Posted by gamegunner
    Sorry what I was trying to say in not so many words was could I use 5.56mm casings to reload my 243 rounds into cheers
    fecking ijit

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    .243 Winchester.......... a necked down version of a .308 Winchester...... bullet diameter.... 243 hundredths of an inch......... .223 Remington / 5.56 Nato..... .223 hundredths of an inch..... bullets that can be shot from this case..... 224 hundredths of an inch & 223 hundredths of an inch, please make sure you know what you are trying to achieve, reloading should be preceded by reading AND understanding some basic principles, ignore advice at your peril. Steve.

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    Or are we taking this the wrong way, are you talking about stripping your milsurp .223 & using the powder only?????

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    well he is talking about "casings"

    very worrying really...

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    Hi Jon,

    223/5.56 and 243 don't just indicate the approximate diameter of the bullet in this case but they are also short terms for a specific type of cartridge. In general a rifle is designed and built to fire one specific cartridge and to attempt to fire any other in it stands a fair chance of blowing your head clean off your shoulders. It is for this reason that it is necessary to take great care when selecting ammo for your rifle.

    The full name for the civilian 223 is "223 Remington" and this cartridge is similar to, but not the same as, the 5.56 NATO cartridge. You must not shoot 5.56 NATO ammo in a civilian rifle designed for 223 Remington unless it has also been designed to cope with the military ammo (This is one rare case where it is possible to design a rifle to shoot two different types of ammo) and that you are clear that this is the case. If you have a rifle designed for the 223 Remington cartridge then use only ammo of that type in it, if you have been shooting military ammo in it then stop immediately and confirm with the manufacturer that military ammo is safe to use in it.

    The full title of the most common 243 is "243 Winchester" and this cartridge is in no way related to the 223 you mention. There is not, that I know of, any such thing as military ammo for a 243 Winchester. If you are used to military rounds then the 243 Winchester case is based upon the 308 Winchester case which is very similar to, but not the same as, the 7.62 NATO round. If you know the 7.62 you will know that it is a much larger case than the 5.56 case which is similar to the civilian 223. So, the 243 case is much bigger than a 5.56 case and the two are not interchangable or compatiable in any way. Although the 243 is based on the 308 case you cannot, at least without considerable and very technical reengineering, use a 7.62 military case to reload 243 Winchester. Do not even think about it.

    Under no circumstances should you ever load 243 Winchester in any case other than a 243 Winchester case which is headstamped (writing stamped into the head to identify the cartridge) as 243 Win. If you have a 243 Winchester rifle then empty/used/fired military brass cases of any type or size are of no use at all to you and you must not ever use them.

    If you are keen to start reloading your own ammo, and it is a great hobby, then in the first instance you should try to make contact with someone local to you who will show you the ropes, don't try to learn it from a book or the internet as it is a complex subject. There is a lot to learn and the implication of even a small mistake is that you blow your head off so it really is vital that you do a lot of homework before you start. You need to be clear what cartridge your rifle is designed for and you need to ensure that all the bits you assemble are designed for that specific cartridge.

    Just out of interest where are you likely to be shooting your rifle? I'm sure quite a lot of us would be keen to know.

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    Just out of interest where are you likely to be shooting your rifle? I'm sure quite a lot of us would be keen to know.

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