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Thread: cci .17hmr

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    cci .17hmr

    Can anyone suggest anywhere to try for cci .17hmr ammo in suffolk please.
    Im looking for the 20gr gamepoint in particular but also keen to try their 17gr
    Tried my locals with no joy

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    Just to rub it in a bit, me and my mate have had th best results ever with our HMR's using CCI 20 grain gamepoint.
    My mate still has his and is continuing to get excellent results, i sold mine because i wanted a 17 Fireball


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    I know, i tried them yesturday (got given half a box) and the results compared to all other makes were very good.
    First tried them a few years ago through a Marlin and it hated them but jeez the cz loves them.
    My search continues.........

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