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Thread: Baikal sxs Rifle

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    Baikal sxs Rifle

    Today i went to a country fair at the village of Martel in the department of the Lot,France, it was quit a small affair but i had a go with a bow and arrow at Boar and Roe deer targets, it seems bow hunting is very popular in the area, i entered a free draw for a weeks Black Bear hunting in Canada. In one of the Marquees was a stand selling firearms, i was looking at a new double Baikel Rifle in 30.06 it came with some type of red dot scope, gun bag and a box of twenty rounds, it was selling for 899 euros which did not seem a bad price for close range woodland stalking or someone wanting to get into Running Boar, the owner of the stand said that the 30.06 is becoming very popular since the law on military calibers changed last year, have any of you used a Baikal double Rifle and how does the cost compare in the Uk,
    Cheers Geoff
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    There's only 1 Baikal rifle on Guntrader

    Baikal .308 IZH18MN, T8 mod + Scope Falling Block Second Hand for sale. Buy for 250.

    (bargain for someone!)

    Think York Guns are the importer. You could ask them.

    I have a Baikal SBS and it's bombproof. I wouldn't doubt the rifles would be the same. For a SBS mines quite heavy - that might be your drawback.

    Section 161 of the Highways Act 1980 (England & Wales) makes it an offence to discharge a firearm within 50 ft of the centre of a highway with vehicular rights without lawful authority or excuse, if as a result a user of the highway is injured, interrupted or endangered.

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    Mates just brought a baikel combination 410/22mag don't ask me why but well made for the money and it shoots reasonably well to 50 yards

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    See this video ........... Looks ok, but not great, and seems to kick an awful lot, you gets what you pays for!
    Ps, really wish the guy in this film would see to the nostril hair in his left nostril...... Really quite distracting!

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    Baikal doubles come in two varieties, the MP221 side by side or the IZH-94 O/U, both based on the company's shotgun actions. I suspect it's the S/S you're referring to. York Guns has the O/U type in stock now:

    There are a few reviews of the O/U 'Sever' combination rifle / shotgun around, usually complimentary, and rather a lot of the Baikal MP221 S/S .30-06 rifle, but reviews of the IZH-94 O/U are rare. They come with a screw adjuster to regulate the two barrels' POI hidden under the forend to overcome the classic double rifle problem - I've no idea how well it works.

    I'd say both models are very short-range propositions. The S/S MP221 attracted a lot of interest some years back mostly as it was available in .45-70 which excited those interested in a cheapo version of a 'big-bore double'. When I did work for York Guns some years back, I never saw an MP221 and I'm not sure any ever made it to the UK. The O/U version was available fitfully and the one that sold well was chambered for the 9.3X72R which was in demand amongst those looking for a budget boar rifle for then popular cut-price package Eastern European shooting holidays.

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    I wish they were still imported here to the USA. Remington carried them for a little while, then dropped them.

    I have handled some of the combination guns and an O/U .30-06 at a gun show. They are built like tanks, very stout.

    When I acquired my 7x57R combination gun, and started looking for other owners, I found several who had one in 7x57R and some owners of the O/U double rifles. They all reported good accuracy and handling pretty strong loads. The owners of the O/U said they came regulated for a bullet weight, but that the adjusting of the barrels was something you could do yourself, if you changed loads.

    Correction: EAA has this back from the Remington marketing fiasco and is selling them again.

    The combination gun is $790.00 MSRP.
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    I am quite fortunate in that me Mams house is in the same village as York Guns so I always pop in when I'm home. They do stock the SxS Baikal MP221 45-70 Govt Side By Side 24/600mm Barrel
    and although not pretty I reckon it'd make a good working gun.
    Like their shotguns, you aren't going t be upset if you knock it about a bit...unlike the cracking Chapius ones they also stock.
    Good for boar but as 'they' say "nothing fires 2 shots quicker than a double, but a bolt action is quicker for 3 or 4"
    if they did one in a BPE or NE round I'd bite their hand off!

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    Thanks for all your input, not sure if it would be a rifle i would use a lot but compared to york guns the one i saw in Martel seems a good buy at aprox 750 with red dot sight, gun bag and a box of ammunition.

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    A Unifrance special offer was it?
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I keep looking at these baikals & thinking I need one !!!!!
    I know I don't .... I never done or have woodland stalking or boar o any description .... But I want one !

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