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Thread: I.D. This....

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    I.D. This....

    My two year old had a pure white maggoty like grub on his ring this morning. It was 2/3" long with blunt ends unlike a maggot being pointed and cream in colour.
    I will get wormers but anyone know if he picked this up in the long grass or is it a Abdo?

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    Perhaps Tapeworms red !
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    Tapeworm by the sound of it.

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    It was very short and 3mm thick???

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    Sounds like a Tapeworm segment , while a tapeworm can be six inches or more in length what we usually see is a segment which is basically a body section which is a repository for eggs, pretty sure that's what your seeing,time to worm them I think.

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    Curry time??

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    Tapeworm, has been already said. Milbemax deficiency.

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    Just got another one and it was moving and swelling up... Weird.

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    any chance of a pic?

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