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    Land Rover Defender

    Does anyone know where you can buy a cover for a 2002 90 defender pick up, I'm wanting one that sits flush with the top of the tub to keep deer carcasses out of view / weather on the way back to the larder, looking to get a solid metal one made in time funds permitting but just need something to out me on till then.

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    Hi john

    Montrose rope & sail do various tarp covers for anything and everything .... Give em a bell they would knock up one toy your spec for good price ... Work is top notch


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    ok cheers will have a chat to them

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    Tony Beal at Baillieston does one offs and may have the 90 tub dimensions in stock.
    Tony Beal Ltd - Covering the World

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    If the back of a 90 is the same size as the back of a 110 double cab then I have a full set of sticks and hood that I would part with...

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    back of a 110 double cab is the same as an 88" series tub the 90 one is longer unfortunately
    a barony original

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