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    I have received my blue coloured L2 portfolio which allows me to use a credible witness for two of the three stalks. I believe the green portfolio which comes out in April restricts all witnessing to accredited witnesses only.
    My question is - as a blue book holder do I still have 3 years to complete my portfolio using 2 credible witnesses and 1 accredited witness.
    I am unsure as to the time frame if I propose to use credible witnesses?
    I would ask my assessor but I thought others on this site could benefit from the response I receive.
    Thanks very much.

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    i am in the a same position i spoke to an assessor last week and he did not know how ever there are numbers of meeting for the assessors to attend country wide north York's is on the 28 of April we should know more by then

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    i have just spoken to David Goffin at BDS

    this is the official line as of the 1st June 2010 you will have to complete all stalks with AW as to forfill the new criteria and green book portfolio.
    All those registered before May 31st 2010 can continue on the old system as long as you have left in you three year registration

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    level 2

    hi i understand that anybody who has the blue book carries on as the system is at present anybody getting the new book has to go with the new rules atb

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    I am Dave Goffin.

    I have recently spoken with an Ashley Bates who I believe is one of the contributors to this topic of discussion. Ashley in his eagerness to post his new information has missed an odd word here and there which some might find slightly confusing and for clarification I submit the following.

    From 1 June 2010 DMQ are making changes to their system of operation. This will require any person registering for DSC 2 from that date to have each of their Individual Cull Records within an Edition 6 Portfolio witnessed by an Approved Witness whose name appears on a list issued to candidates by DMQ.

    Any person already registered with an Edition 5 Portfolio or registering prior to 1 June will operate under the terms prevailing at the time of registration which will continue for the duration of the registration period.

    I note one contributor has suggested that he would have spoken to his Assessor but decided not to in the interest of wider awareness. I would strongly recommend that any candidate currently undergoing their DSC 2 who has concerns of any nature, speak to a DMQ Assessor (not a witness) or visit the DMQ website I hope this helps all those who are not sure of their current or future position with regard to their DSC2 evidence gathering.

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    I'm Spartacus!! Sorry! could'nt resist it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Goffin
    I am Dave Goffin.

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    I spoke to Dave Goffin when I was having my first rant on site See INTERESTING CONVERSATION and mentioned The Stalking Directory and his answer was " I have Nothing to do with that tittle tattle " or words to that effect. What do you know the powers that be are taking notice at last

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    I think Mr G has maybe realised that the scenery has changed, SD is probably the lead dog now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iwrch
    Quote Originally Posted by Shirley Bassey
    I am what I am.
    Or would that be Gloria Gaynor?

    Is she a level 2 assessor/witness thingy. When is level 3 anyway?

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