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Thread: scope recommendations for a browning T-Bolt .17hmr

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    scope recommendations for a browning T-Bolt .17hmr

    as above what peoples views on a scope for a .17hmr in the price range of 500 will be for rabbits only.their is such a market i dont know where to start.thanks Allan

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    nikon monarch 3 4x16x42 good glass and they were going for about 300 maybe a bit more plenty for the 17hmr,or check out artur on here he sells good european scopes s/h and hes in ireland as well.
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    thanks for that ill look into it

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    Not so well known, but a VERY good scope for the money...... Glass is great, and a good clear reticle. First focal plane, and 1/8" adjustment.

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    Simmons whitetail classic 3.5-10 x50 excellent glass and costs about 150
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    You have just got a nice cheap lightweight rifle,dont spoil it by putting a kilo of heavy glass on top.
    A 30 quid nikko sterling 6x40 will do 95% of bunnies you want to shoot with hmr. For longer range sniping
    you soon get into an armaments race, bigger scope, bigger gun, bigger scope, better ammo, wind meters, rangefinders
    trajectory apps.
    A 30 quid scope, a good cleaning rod and 400 worth of practice ammo would be the best investment
    although not as sexy

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    Quote Originally Posted by allan450 View Post
    thanks for that ill look into it
    having said that on my 22lr i have an hawke sport ir and its bob on for head shot bunnies cheap too,

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    how about a 4.5/14x44 or 50mm zeiss conquest with the Z plex ret, fine enough for this longer more accurate shots but not to fine that you lose it when lamping. stunning glass for about 400 to 500 tops,

    real value for money.

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    Burris Fullfield II 2-7x35mm Ballistic Plex reticle. Perfect size for the gun, and Burris has the yardage figured for the .17

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    Having owned both I'd go for the Monarch over the Lightstream due to the Lightstream's comparatively enormous size and slightly tricky eye relief.

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