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Thread: advice wanted for a new guide please

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    advice wanted for a new guide please

    a friend has just got the stalking on his ground where he has been keeper for the last 4 years, its has munty, roe and transient fallow. he needs to make a return on the additional rent by taking some paying guests.

    he has never been on a paid guided stalk, but i have given him some pointers on what to do, how to handle his clients and what he should be charging.

    anyone else willing to offer some advice so he can look at the posts and learn. he is a member of this forum, but i have posted this on his behalf without telling him!

    my first bit of advice was to pay his 10 a month and get advertising.. my second was to stop shooting the bloody deer himself

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    Look after No.1 that being your clients simple business but you don't realise how small the stalking world is and there is a quick way up but can bet its an even quicker way down...

    A good start i would say...


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    As a guide myself i would say buy some accompanied stalking from an established guide and see how he treats YOU.
    Then apply this to your own clients.
    I still buy stalking myself, to shoot someone elses deer, (usually a different species to mine).
    I like been the gent, and it conserves my own deer stocks.
    I'll only shoot mine now to finish a cull or to fill an order.
    Showing people deer (not just killing them) gets people back.

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