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Thread: Shooting pigeons on fields that have been cut ?

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    Shooting pigeons on fields that have been cut ?


    Just wondered whether it is technically legal or not to shoot pigeons on fields after they have been cut ?

    As I understood it you are only meant to shoot them for the protection of crops or protecting animals, which can hardly be argued if the crop is gone ?

    If it is illegal, has anyone ever heard of a case being made of this ?


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    From what I understand (i don't shoot pigeons very often so may be wrong) is that you don't necessarily have to be protecting the field you're shooting over. Ie their flight line may be over the cut field but they're going to land on the next field etc. I also believe you can be protecting future crops by keeping numbers low throughout the year. Again don't quote me on this as it's only info I've picked up from other pigeon shooters I've been out with.

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    I would "guess" that the answer to this could be quite simple if you are refering to fields of grass that have been cut for hay or silage:
    If you are shooting pigeons under the pretext that you are doing so to protect the crop (In this case if I read it right the grass etc that has been grown for hay or silage) then surely it would not make a scrap of difference as to what stage of growth that crop/grass and/or clover was at. As soon as field is mown and baled then the new grass and clover starts to grow - If that is the case then you would still be shooting for the protection of crops, all be it that it would be a new and very young crop!
    I could be wormg but it sounds like common sense to me, unless anyone knows otherwise as I get some of my best (Crow and pigeon) shooting in my area just after the fields have been mowed, baled and the bales brought in!

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    if they keep coming back just shoot em in the face poxy flying rats then pan fry em .

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    Population control is ample reason under the GL.

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    just do it you know it makes sense

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