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Thread: Range Rover Drivers

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    Range Rover Drivers

    Long story short, his front wheels were hanging 5 foot above the road below. We told him we'd give it a try but wouldn't be liable for any damage! He said go for it.... so we pulled him back until the front wheels were hooked on the ledge... then we started pulling the top of the wall apart . The wheels were over 50% below so obviously it wouldn't roll.

    Then the farmer next door got his tractor and managed to get the very edge of his bucket under the front tyres enough to lift it a few inches so I could pull him back over the top of the wall.

    45 minutes after arriving at the scene, 15 blokes, 50 opinions and a free pint of Thatchers later it was back on the car park.

    Poor bloke... Most expensive Sunday pub lunch ever!

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    Never mind poor bloke. I'm sure at some stage of events those immortal words 'here you go love, you have a go' were uttered.
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    I guess its easy to get D and R muddled up! WTF! Well done though for assisting i bet you didnt have much of a smurk on your face!

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    We were driving past and my passengers where shouting "stop!.... I need to get a photo!"

    Then we ended up with a traffic jam behind us and everyone looking at us so we kind of had to pull in to the carpark and offer to assist in order not to look like rubber necking d*cks!

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    We had someone on a shoot day try to reverse their range rover at the fork on the road and reversed into the only tree close, it wasn't a wee tree either fully grown beech tree, what made it worse was he didn't just clip the side of the range rover he reversed square onto it. We took a sneaky photo of it will have to try to find it


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    o r vehicle so it went o r wot a plonkershould have put it on twitter then all his mates could see wot a dick he is,

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    Listen to this, funniest thing I've heard in years...:

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    the shame of it ! the best 4x4xfar getting recovered by a lowly jap truck , ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    omg omg i just burst out laughing in the main office at work and Lord C asked what was i laughing at and he can't believe this i think he thought it was real.

    so so funny.
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