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Thread: Humane Animal Dispatch - At Jelen Deer Services

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    Humane Animal Dispatch - At Jelen Deer Services

    Hi Everyone,

    Due to increased demand we are pleased to announce our next LANTRA Approved Humane Animal Dispatch course due to be held at our Hampshire HQ on Saturday 11th October at 09:00am

    The cost of this course is 69.99. Or 104.99 to include LANTRA Certification.

    The role of HAD Operators is crucial as a supportive asset to Police Constabularies, it important that such Operators work seamlessly within the Operational Command Structure at many RTA scenes. However, there may be occasions where HAD Operators do not have total support from Police or other bodies, and in such cases it is vital that they are fully aware of the legal, public safety and animal welfare implications that may arise from their actions.

    Jelen Deer Services have ensured that this course addresses all the important issues that HAD operators need to be aware of, and also cover various scenarios where Operators may be faced with extraordinary situations.

    For more information, please contact us on 01264 811155, or email us on for full details.

    Best regards,


    Mike Allison
    Managing Director - Jelen Deer Services
    01264 8111555

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    Good luck with it Mike,
    at last in my opinion for what it's worth,someone is doing a RTA cource that is going to prepear a new person that is taking on RTA's for the first time some sort practical on what they may expect from time to time.

    Deer track and recovery
    Free of charge and confidential service

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