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Thread: Why cant guys just talk to someone ?

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    Why cant guys just talk to someone ?

    My mate hung himself yesterday. Shocked to my very core.

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    So sad to hear that, it's the stigma of depression.

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    Thoughts are with you, his mates and importantly the family he's left behind... So sad
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    Thoughts are with you, and is family.

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    Very emotional situation for all involved. So sorry. Don't blame yourself though. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.
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    sorry for your loss , depression is bar steward !

    don't blame yourself !
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    I bet there are a lot of clinically depressed deerstalkers out there, who, due to fear of losing their beloved sport through loss of FAC (on medical grounds), do not ever approach their doctor about it.

    sorry for your loss SS

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    I too am sorry for your loss.

    Above all, though, never blame yourself for "not seeing it coming", or accuse yourself of "not being a good enough mate".

    People hide depression and suicidal feelings even from themselves, and rarely feel able to confide in those closest to them.

    That doesn't make it any less hard to take when the worst happens, of course.

    So my sincere condolences go out to everyone affected.

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    Mate of mine did it 15 years ago now, remember it like it was yesterday terrible thing for the family to go through.

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