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Thread: THOMAS LOWE DEFENCE moderators

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    Question THOMAS LOWE DEFENCE moderators

    As above, does anyone have any experience/feedback they can offer ?


    I ask for a number of reasons, not least of which a road trip to Emma Custom Rifles is a simpler proposal than travelling half the length of the country...

    I have a CZ in .223 and a Browning A-Bolt in .270, both with half inch UNF

    The jury is still out on whether I will moderate both, but the CZ is more or less a given.

    Hausken moderators look a very interesting option but nobody that I can find stocks them.

    Thoughts appreciated - thanks for looking.

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    There's a thread on ukvarminting about the TLD sound enhancers. Enough said for now
    Sako TRG-42 folder .338LM🔫 Sako TRG-22 .308/.260🔫 Tikka 595 .222(NV'd up) 🔫 AR15 .223/300BLK 🔫Franchi 12g 520 9shot🔫Baikal .410 stealth🔫Ruger #1.243

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    got one..........don't want one......job done. they are crap.

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    Thanks for the rapid replies (and very useful pointer).

    Shelved !

    A-Tec or Roedale is looking more likely, if only I can find one in the region.

    Just goes to show, if you don't ask...

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    I got mine as it looked a bit different but I wont be making the mistake again. My Atec .30 cal mod which has been bored out slightly is much quieter on my .223 than the TLD which was bought for it.

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    Johnson Brown at Shildon, County Durham have Atec Maxim & CMM4. I bought a Maxim new for 225.

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    I'm not so sure about your second choice either to be honest. I'm guessing you'r after a strippable mod, I'd have a look at the third eye tactical offerings, British made, quiet, strippable and light.

    Sako TRG-42 folder .338LM🔫 Sako TRG-22 .308/.260🔫 Tikka 595 .222(NV'd up) 🔫 AR15 .223/300BLK 🔫Franchi 12g 520 9shot🔫Baikal .410 stealth🔫Ruger #1.243

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    Well, I hadn't expected a 'which mod' thread but since it's gone a step or two down that path, I'm very open to suggestions.

    Round count won't be high, I don't want something that weighs half a ton, my only real priority is hearing protection.

    And, yes, I already know that a set of ear defenders would be cheaper

    I saw and heard a Hausken moderator in Norway a little while ago - impressive...

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    A Hausken is something I really want to have a good look at as well. Not a lot of info on them really though

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    If you have a 14x1 thread then the A-TEC CMM4 in the classifieds is for you.

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