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    anyone had an email about the hen harriers and grouse moors asking for help backing plans put before parlaiment to conserve grouse moors and so indirectly help the harriers, sorry dont know how to post the link,doug,

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    I had one from Basc
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Singing Stalker View Post
    I had one from Basc
    Me too, filled it in got email to confirm it.


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    Here is the bit from the NGO website

    Help Hen Harriers and Shooting

    Monday 21st Jul 2014
    There is a petition running on the Gov.UK website which the NGO urges all members to consider signing, please. It calls on Defra to publish the Hen Harrier Joint Recovery Plan, a brilliant potential solution to the long running conflict which has caused so many problems for grouse shooting over the years.
    The plan has the support of all the shooting and countryside organisations and if the Government is brave enough to implement it will lead to there being more hen harriers, thriving grouse moors and fewer incidents of damaging illegal persecution.
    If we all get behind this and give Ministers the confidence to go ahead, shooting and wildlife can both be winners. The link to the petition is

    Please also take a moment to notify others who may be interested but might not have heard about this. Thank you.

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    a potentially very important thing that hasn't been very well advertised.
    I will pass it around.

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