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Thread: schweiss-uk Uk tracking training club

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    schweiss-uk Uk tracking training club

    As most regular users of the site will know I am passionate about handlers, new and old having access to good advice and support in training a deer tracking dog.

    Last year I spent a great deal of time researching and designing what was essentially a UK wide training club for tracking dogs. It was to provide training, tests, a callout register and general advice and I hoped provide a social side with the opportunity for inter region competitions and get togethers.
    The upshot was that in my view that when it came to the crunch the organisation which it was designed for were only interested in profit and I like others were not happy with the way things were going.

    Since then I have been lucky to be able to work with some very knowledgeable and experienced handlers on adapting the original concept into an independent UK club. We have been supported and guided by a Danish club who are willing to help the UK at this early stage and guide us in the formation of the UK version. You can see their website at You could also take a look at United blood trackers and that will give you another view on what the club is about
    There will be training days in various locations this year and the first two will be held in Cumbria during the first week in May. It will cover both basic training and more advanced tracking depending on demand. The two days will be hosted by myself and the clubs founder and top Danish trainer Kim Schou JÝrgensen.

    There may also be the opportunity during these two days for some dogs to enter and be tested in an initial 400 meter test and of course should they pass be issued with the relevant paperwork. This is a credited and recognised test and not a worthless piece of paper or record of attendance.

    The website will be live in the near future and will fully explain the club ethos and ideas.
    What I donít want to do is get into great debates about the club on the site but thought that members may be interested in it. The first days in Cumbria will be for any interested parties wherever you live but following that the majority will be regional.
    All are welcome so if you would like to be involved, or would like to come along and see what its like you can drop me a PM or give me a ring through my site. Places are limited though.

    This is a non profit making organisation which along with giving access to good training will allow us to put something back into deer welfare.

    Can you please pm me your details if interested?

    Best Regds

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    An absolute belting idea / development.

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    Thanks Finn i wish i could take all the credit but iv'e had a lot of support from here and Denmark. It all done and set up, just need interested people now

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    P&P Count me in I did a course with Guy Wallace about 10 years ago which was very good and got me into training Deer dogs but I want to learn more. Thanks Keith

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    Good news Mark, count me in and look forward to perusing the website and when it goes live and signing up - details on here as and when I presume?

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    PP great idea,will it be open to all breeds??

    If so please count my mate and i in



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    Hi Mark, thats fantastic news and please count me in.
    Kim is a top tracking man and is very knowledegeable in this feild, my partner and i where lucky enouth to have a training day with him last year and learnt so much,
    Kim is also coming to us for some training on the 27th-28th April.

    please keep us all posted


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    for thouse interested have a look at Team Nordjden which is kims web site, use the google tool bar to translate from Danish to English

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    i would be very interested in coming on the day.


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    Fantastic and well done

    I would be interested, and await you sending more information
    Well done

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