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Thread: New High Seat = 2 Muntjac..........

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    New High Seat = 2 Muntjac..........

    With the rape stubble cut the first task was to make a start on the foxes, so I went on Sunday night using my time to note which areas Muntjac were moving around.
    The early cubs were not easy as they kept on the move in the tall rape; also the wind was not helping as it was on my back on the way out.
    All 3 were shot on my return walk going back into the wind.
    This is the second home made high seat with a slight mod from the one I posted a while ago, I extended the sides a little more and used 9 feet of a damaged builders ladder donated by a friend who like Muntjac liver!!

    I put it up in the first location based on what I had seen last night, however what you see at night is far different in the day….
    A good position but stepping back I realised if I moved it then I could use the hedge as cover to stalking along, so that it where it went.
    The first doe was shot around 40 yards from the right of the oak in the picture out around 140 yards.
    She started to head back to cover as 2 bucks were having a tear up in the field behind, just behind the left leg with the exit out the right shoulder as she had stepped right looking at the bucks…
    The second was a buck who was on a mission along a tram line, he stopped once, after I barked at him but moved on right away, so I used the Oi method and he came to a halt. In velvet so a head shot out around 90 yards gave me a full carcass of meat…

    The mozzie’s were homing in on me and the deer so a donated gambol and a piece of cord made short work of the gralloch on the side of the truck….

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    Good write up Tim,it looks a nice piece of ground!

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    nice me excited (this weekend coming).
    Loving the "Oi method" (almost) every time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by howy308 View Post
    Good write up Tim,it looks a nice piece of ground!

    Thank you....It is a big block with quite a few extra fields I found on the map!!


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    Hearty congrats Tim, that's a cracking result and clearly spot on seat placement, well done sir

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