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Thread: Yukon Photon near cannock

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    Yukon Photon near cannock

    Hi all, im very tempted into buying a yukon photon for my rimmy, possibly my 223 too. I havent seen through one yet. I was wondering if anyome in the cannock area or nearby who would let me look through theirs before I end up buying one as yhe reviews I have seen are very much up and down and id like to make my own mind up!



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    I'm just up the M6 from you near Stoke if that is any use to you


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    cheers Neil i may take you up on that offer, i may be going to hartlebury shooting supplies if funds allow next week to look at one if not ill let you know!



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    Ok, give me a shout if you want a look


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    Just to make you aware there is a brand new Photon arriving on our shores soon, probably around October time.

    We have sold out of the old/current model, and are not getting any more as production is now over until the new model arrives.

    We were selling our samples/demo models off for 250 and might have one left, but would need to check.

    I think your best bet on finding an brand new current model is at the Sportsman as they and us got most of the UK stock and they had plenty left as had them at the CLA Gamefair.

    As for the new model, there are some upgrades, but we have been sworn to secrecy until it arrives by the UK distributor.

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