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Thread: .17HMR Winchester Supreme .17gr V-MAX

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    .17HMR Winchester Supreme .17gr V-MAX

    So far so good along with others in my area using this Winchester Supreme ammo!
    BUT . . . has anybody out there had misfires with this ammunition?

    I heard some time ago that Winchester make their own .17MMR ammo including the cases or at least have their own manufacturing supplier other than CCI. How true this is I don't know but ever since changing to Winchester I have had no squib rounds and misfires.

    This morning I measured the case neck thickness at half way down the neck of a fired Winchester Supreme case. . . it measured 0.011 inch.
    It would be interesting to see what other brands measure from a fired case. So Verniers out and lets see if there is any truth in whether Winchester cases are thicker!

    I won't hold my breath but if the Winchester appears to be performing we can solve this 17HMR problem with our wallets.

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    Winchester does make their own 17HMR. I think this is the result of being saddled with some crap ammo from CCI/Hornady that cause the first recall of 17HMR about 5-6 years ago. It all had the Winchester label on the box and Winchester bore the brunt of the recall cost and resulting sales decline.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by The deer man View Post
    So far so good along with others in my area using this Winchester Supreme ammo!
    BUT . . . has anybody out there had misfires with this ammunition?
    Misfires no, cases with long splits down the side after firing regularly...

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    i have had no problems with winchester ammo at all but have had misfires and late firing with cci and hornady, stick with windchester

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    Never had a misfire. Had about two complete non-firing duds in around 3000 round of ammo. Plenty of split necks but overall the performance has been very consistent. Winchesters out-shoot all other brands in my rifle.

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    what rifle is it finch? please,

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    Don't use Winchester's but had a couple with hornaday once I cleaned the end of the bolt it was fine

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    Update about the Winchester supremes worth a watch :

    Ive had lots of issues recently, I had come to believe this was only problems with old batches but this experience makes me think they are currently still problems. Would be very interested to hear what experiences people are currently having?

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