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Thread: Hen Harrier Joint Recovery Plan

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    Hen Harrier Joint Recovery Plan

    You may be aware of this
    already, but if you aren't I would urge you sign it and circulate it among your
    friends and members.

    Shooting, in particular driven grouse shooting, is
    under severe threat at the moment, with the loony left of the RSPB in the form
    of their ex Conservation Director, Mark Avery, calling for a complete

    It is all centred around the survival of one particular bird, the
    Hen Harrier, which has, according to them, been persecuted to the point of
    extinction - largely untrue.

    The shooting industry has been urging
    everyone to come together in order to protect these birds of prey, but there
    have been stand out differences which are lengthy to say the least and largely
    down to the incalcitrance of the bird lobby

    This represents the thin end
    of a very large wedge, that we must resist at all costs.

    The main parties such as Natural
    England and Defra are very much in our favour - at the moment - but we must do
    everything we possibly can to maintain their trust, respect and appreciation for
    what we do.

    Please follow the link and vote in favour and also, if you
    can, get as many of your friends to sign as well.

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    The hen harrier , as you no are in the forrest of bowland , local to me , what they dont say about the decline is things like the nest that was being monitored being ransacked and the chicks taken by the resident eagle owls nesting , but then that isnt good press for pr , but I no , we will put it down to another failure in the forrest of bowland !

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    The link is't working for me feller.

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    Nope links not working.

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    The link appears to be corrupted, but it works if you click here: Hen Harrier Joint Recovery Plan - publish it - e-petitions

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    Thanks for posting this, GM. I received the appeal by another route this morning and almost started a new thread on here for the purpose!

    Upland conservation is a key arena in which to make the case for the wider environmental and social benefits of managing land for shooting, and one in which those who are opposed to it will be revealed to be on very shaky ground indeed if their propaganda smokescreen can be exposed to the fresh air of fact!

    Please support this petition, even if you have nothing to do with upland shooting or management, as a win here should benefit us all.
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