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Thread: sako 75 .243 stainless & synthetic

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    sako 75 .243 stainless & synthetic

    I'm selling my rifle as it's not getting any use (just take the 308 these days). Its a complete package with an option on dies / reloading bits / load data for the purchaser of the rifle.

    I'm working away from internet access for a couple of weeks, so pm's are your best bet as I'll pick up emails every couple of days.

    Pics and info - lodge with mate that is an RFD, feel free to contact him if you want a look and I'm still out of contact.

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    Btt - still available.

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    Still looking for a home that'll give it the work it deserves.

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    Are u able to publish price??

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    Quote Originally Posted by mattmck View Post
    Are u able to publish price??
    Yep, for those that don't want to follow the link for photos and description,

    Make: Sako, Model: 75 Synthetic Stainless with 22” barrel threaded for moderator in 1/2” UNF. Fitted with a Swarovski Habicht 8 X 56, Scope, 4A reticle and Optiloc mounts. Complete with A-Tec CMM 6 moderator, Harris type swivel bipod, Niggeloh sling and stainless swivels. Good condition.
    1350 ono

    For those that have asked, I'd rather sell it as a pack, if it doesn't go in the next couple of weeks I'm open to splitting. I'll publish prices for bits if it comes to it.

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    Great rifle got the same myself Atb with sale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kingsdeer View Post
    Great rifle got the same myself.
    Thanks, keeping the 75 in 308 as I'm yet to handle a rifle I like as much for stalking.

    243 is still available.

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    Sold to Otisthedog pending the usual.

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    Back up for sale due to unforeseen family circumstances at the buyers end!

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