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Thread: PPU Ammo

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    PPU Ammo

    Do dealers in Scotland not stock it, I have tried both my local RFD's Grahams in Inverness and Macleods in Tain, neither of them have it....Grahams had never heard of it.

    I am buying a couple of rifles at the weekend, and will be reloading for them eventually, but having to buy factory ammo after reloading for my .243 and .308 is going to hurt.

    Anyone else having difficulty in obtaining it? I thought it would atleast be worth trying it to see if the rifles liked it.



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    I used PPU in 303 - some ten years ago - and was not at all impressed with it. Never could get any sort of a decent group with it at all in a rifle of known - but not the best - accuracy and grouping capacity.

    In fact the stuff was so useless that I did not finish the box but got rid of it at an auction.

    If Gregor doesn't have it there is probably a good reason - he maybe only likes to sell his customers products that he feels offer good performance and that he can put his reputation behind.

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    PRVI ammo

    They had an explosion in the Serbian factory last year which killed a load of workers:
    Understandably, availability has been limited since.

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    The PPU explosions happened in a couple of the underground loading facilities they use. Most of the damage was not caused by the explosions themselves, but by the sprinkler system that kicked in. The blasts happened back in Sept last year in the tunnels they use for powder padding and production was only affected for a short time and that was for artillery shells.
    There aren't any shortages of Prvi Partisan other than those caused by the difficulties these days of haz mat freight, over flight and transhipping issues, shortage of licensed sea carriers and import and trade control licences difficulties. It's a hell of a job moving the stuff around and very expensive.
    Henry Krank is the main agent in the UK.

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    There is a bloke on the black isle called charlie rose. It might be worth giving him a try. If not, he will ship it up for you. A helpful bloke.

    There are some people in the North use it, it is a case of asking an RFD to take it in for you. It may be worth getting a few people together to reduce the costs of carriage etc.



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    this ammo is defo worth a try, at 14 for 20 rounds my SSG P1 in 308 gets 3/4inch groups! Other rifles i have seen are 3inch groups tho!

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    ppu ammo

    my father had a100 ppu in 90 grn in 243win i tried some in my rem 700 at just over 1/2 ins at 125 yrds i was well surpised as i am a reloader so ,i will try some in my 6.5x55 next and see how they group atb steve.

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    A lot of guys on the ranges down here use it. Some with good, some with not so good results. Just try it any see I guess!

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    i use it in 223 cal and find it suits my remmy well.

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    Sloan's of Inverurie carry it as does Burnett's of Mintlaw.


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