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Thread: Beating/Picking up required central scotland.

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    Beating/Picking up required central scotland.

    Looking to bring on my two young labs picking up this season, my mrs also wants to have a go in the beating line,
    our local syndicate has packed in so if there are any Shoots in the Central belt looking for additional Beaters/ Pickers up
    this season a pm would be greatly appreciated. Not looking for wages,just to get involved.


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    Are you a member of NOBs?
    I only joined the other day, thinking I might like to do some beating when the season's here. Being so new I can't say if it's useful or not, but it is only a fiver to subscribe, and they sent me a voucher for 2.50 off the dog food I already buy
    See my blog for - My kindly sponsored DSC1 course and chart my progress from deer virgin to stalking veteran
    AND my new puppy progress DIARY

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    I always think more chance by speaking to folk in local gunshops etc.
    When i went up to college at stirling many years ago that's wot i done and had beating instantly, but i thoose days BoA had a decent gunshop

    Do u do any traning/group training with ur dogs? Word of mouth is the best way once u get ur foot in the door. Possibly joining a gundog club and doing some training with them might help for contacts.

    Not wanting to teach u to suck eggs but Have u picked up before? and wot age are ur dogs? do u have older experienced dogs in ur kennel too?
    Picking up on a shoot (esp if a more commercial 1) can be the quickest way to ruin a dog esp young dogs if u don't have an older 1 for runners etc. I pick up a bit but prefer beating as that steadies ur dog where usually picking up requires a wilder rakin dog, or atleast they usually end up that way if ur not careful.

    Good luck with it

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    Yes i am in a Gundog club and attend training regular, i can get some picking up through this but not regularly and it is quite a distance to travel.
    The dogs are two and one years old, the oldest having picked up last year and is ready or bringing on this year, the younger dog is coming along well and all going according to plan may get some experience at the end of this season.
    I understand what you are saying with regards to older experienced dogs but every dog has to start somewhere which is what im after.
    I have had a couple of very good offers which should see my for this season, delighted with the response.

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    There has never been a "gun shop" in BofA unless you consider a Barbour/Hardy outlet. The guy that owned that one is a convicted fraudster and a con man.

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