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Thread: Dangerous Game Hunting Magazines

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    Dangerous Game Hunting Magazines

    Dangerous Game Hunting magazine is published twice a year. I have the first 10 copies all in mint condition, starting with the Premier Issue from Summer 2009.

    It covers hunting for Elephant, Buffalo (African and Asian), Rhino, Hippo, Crocodile, Bear, Lion, Leopard; as well as rifles, etc.

    Well written articles by known authors e.g. Craig Boddington, Greg Rodriguez, Cal Pappas, as well as classic stories from the likes of Corbett, Roosevelt, Bell Taylor and other African explorers.

    25 for all including postage in the UK

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    I'll have them, please send me a pm with paypal address for payment.
    UK Agent for Settlers Safaris
    Grahamstown, South Africa
    Etosha Conservancy, Namibia
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