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Thread: 3rd one this year

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    3rd one this year

    Had a good morning out on Saturday, unfortunately cut short by a phonecall whilst in the forest with a doe on my back telling me my car window had been smashed down in Manchester so had to get back -HB-

    My mate got one aswell that morning so not completely ruined....

    I checked the womb and it was no bigger than the one 3 weeks previous though a bit higher up country if that means anything, about the size of a pear filled with water so not very well developed.

    She was with a kid buck and a yearling buck, I figured that the young one would be okay if I took her though in hindsight I'd've felt less guilty taking the young one(Im a soft **** really!!). Saw the buck first about 250/300yds away so stalked in closer and spotted the other 2 and though I didn't know one was a Doe I had a sneaking suspicion that one of them would be. Got to within 100yds ish and noticed all the dry grass stems sticking up between me and the deer and the sheep directly behind, so I stalked back to where I'd left my sticks and made my way along the side of the clearfell as I thought they'd gradually make their way into the forest. 20 mins later and I'm 50yds away with the buck munching his way closer on my left and the Doe and kid in front but covered by upturned stumps. I thought, if she doesn't show herself soon I'm going to get rumbled by the buck! Unfortunately for her she stepped out and offered a shot. The fun really is in the stalking for me, no pressure as I'd shot 2 a couple of weeks before so just relaxed and enjoyed it.

    Here's a crap pic of the buck in front of me and heading my way, if you can make him out that is.....

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    Nope i can't see him

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    Hi MTB

    Congrats on a great day..

    Recon i can see him

    Can we do a spot the ball/deer type fund raiser for Help For Heroes..


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    Not sure if my pic is hard enough but sounds like a good idea to me


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    I sees him now Mick my mate shot a young doe yesterday and the young inside her were about 8" in length so coming on quite well,i'm down in Cornwall so it hasn't been so cold here.Sorry about your car mate some right little *****s about hey,at least you had a result before it was all ruined for you.
    ATB Neil

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