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Thread: Red Deer Antler Chandeliers / Lighting

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    Red Deer Antler Chandeliers / Lighting

    Hi all,

    I am pleased to say after many months of work behind the scenes putting together my new business venture, it is now finally up and running. As highlighted in an earlier blog, having visited a number of American states last year with with my son on a touring holiday, our interactions and experiences there with Antler Art & crafts inspired me to work on a new range of UK manufactured Antler art and furniture, starting here with Antler Lighting.

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    Our hand crafted Electrified Stag Antler Chandelier is made from Cast Wild Scottish Red Deer, with unique bespoke light or candle fitting. A “Wee” piece of the Scottish Highlands that would grace any room !

    The top housing is a unique design, easily fitted were you can connect wiring into housing to conceal internal wires, then wind up the attached bolt. This means you don't have to hold the weight of the fitting whilst trying to connect wires. The center ring holding the four light fittings is made from a 40 x 8 hammered flat bar with rose print design running around the ring. The metal work is hand painted, with a copper patina applied to finish what is a high class pendent light fitting. The finished lighting is a well balanced composition, each antler is unique in shape. Our antler lighting is easily distinguished from the wide spread, often poor imitation antler lighting made from molded resin. This partnership of both antler and crafted wrought iron provides a practical highly bespoke individual end product.

    The antlers are well secured together and all of the wiring involved in an electric chandelier is discreetly hidden. Every chandelier is unique, each one of antler lighting pieces is individually created from Wild Scottish Red Deer Antler.

    Click here to have a closer look at these on our website. Assuring you of my best intentions, I would be happy to answer any questions or provide any further information.

    Many thanks,
    Steve - greenhillstairs
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    Good evening Gents; I have received of late quite a bit of interest to produce similar Antler lighting, however using Fallow Deer Antler instead of Red. I can't see at all why they wouldnt work well, I should think Fallow with the palmated antler would make a nice for want of a better word more "Chunky" centre piece. Fallow perhaps more akin(on a smaller scale) to to the many magnificent Moose antler chandeliers that seem to adorn most of the caferteria areas within Yellowstone.The trouble is i have little or no access to Fallow antler, cast or otherwise. Any contacts or information would be greatly appreciated. (Ps; Whilst I'm still cutting my teeth so to speak, i will give Moose a miss for now) Thanks in advance

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    The recent interest has prompted me to search for a few new ideas. If anyone has any it would be greatly appreciated, either here or in the new thread I've just set up.

    Opportunities are opening up by the week for further marketing, but I'd like to have a more substantial range before taking things to the next level. What about you folks? If the antler chandeliers don't already interest you, what do you think would in an antler and wrought iron range?

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    I'm going to be keeping these chandeliers firmly in mind when I embark on my hunting holiday later this year. There's a lot of inspiration to be had in South Africa in this regard and I'm absolutely looking forward to seeing what new ventures I can gleam from the trip.

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