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Thread: RSPCA Job alternatives

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    RSPCA Job alternatives

    A friend of mine would like a job with a similar remit of an RSPCA Inspector but without having to wear the tainted Badge or represent a corrupt organisation. Essentially she wants to save cuddly animals but with a sensible animal welfare approach rather than animal rights approach.

    What alternative organisations are there? .. any?

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    More of an alternative to the RSPB is the likes of:

    But I suspect that they are a bit far away, and help feather rather than fur.

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    red squirel trust?

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    Thanks fellas. I should say, ideally between Northampton and London which restricts it a bit but keep them coming if you think of something. I can't think of any other groups that cover domestic animals' welfare?

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    If domestic animal welfare is the area of interest how about The Dogs Trust? The Head office is in London, but they have centres across the uk.

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    Do the P.D.S.A. have anything?
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    Tiggywinkles? That's in that neck of the woods I think.....
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    HAPPA horse and pony work

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    What about an animal keeper at a zoo or park? They generally keep a realistic view in animal welfare & often are involved with the rescue & rehabilitation of local wildlife. Just a thought.

    Cheers Sharkey

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